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Simply and freely

When after the long, depressing winter the spring sun appears from behind the clouds, when we no longer run home at half past five in the afternoon with our teeth chattering and we no longer spend our weekends sitting in the steam of mulled wine and tea with honey, we can finally move out into the parks, the streets and at weekends we feel like taking an outing to forests and lakes. Blankets, bicycles and badminton sets suddenly appear and at last I can get out my favourite picnic basket – and set my imagination free. Our childhood excursions were accompanied by sandwiches packed in serviettes, meatballs, cakes pushed into tins and lemon tea ripened to a sharp smelling liquid by the end of the day. For cooking on the open fire we would  simply pack bacon, onion and a few potatoes. It always tasted great, especially as it felt really good to be together. When I think back, tastes and moods meet  in me. So whenever I get the chance, I pack up the family, we invite our friends and we go out in the open to chat, excercise a little and eat some good food. One day I noticed that more and more people spend their weekends just like that,  also escaping their  four walls and happily sitting in parks at lunchtime or after work. And small lunchboxes and pastry packets  appear from the bags. Just because it is simply better to be outside. Because it is great to go for a picnic. Even getting the picnic ready is a joy. Filling simple sandwiches with all sorts of exciting and tasty bits and surprising family and friends with their favourite snacks gives a heartwarming feeling. Being outside is the best when we don’t have to miss out on the perfect culinary experience either.  I must admit I set myself a fair task when I decided to create dishes and drinks for picnics just as exciting as the ones at served home created  in my well-equipped kitchen. But I would not compromise. I only put together  recipes for dishes and drinks which are easy to make and healthy, delicious, exciting and aesthetically pleasing, as well as easy to pack, carry and serve. The idea to collect my picnic recipes,  which can be developed further to everyone’s personal taste, came from the many great experiences I had on my outings. We set off in the city, to forests and fields, by waters, we went to the Lake Balaton, then all the way down to the Adriatic Coast. The book was born from the many experiences gained on this journey with the aim to encourage gastronomic adventures as part of an outing.  Come with me and bring those most important to you along on the journey complete with food and drink – simply and freely. 

Published by Libri Publishing




Project Team:

Art Director: Kapolka Ági
Project Director: Segal Emese
Project assistant: Vogel Diana
Cover, food and mood photographer: Acsai Miklós
Photographer 's assistant: Talabér Géza
Editor: Dávid Anna
Texts: Braun Anna

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