Chef • Gastronomic Consultant


I believe in refined simplicity. I'm not keen on overcomplicated dishes, I prefer when one dominant taste and some creativity defines the character of a dish. I'm certainly not one to put three sauces, four garnishes and much decoration on one plate, I give preference to clear but complex tastes and subtle, elegant presentation.


One of the most important elements and motivation in my work is finding the harmony between two seemingly distant ingredients. In my creations chocolate meets Chinese five-spice powder, sweet potato meets coriander, fennel meets white chocolate. With the right sense of proportion nothing is impossible.


It is my conviction that cultural openness, imagination and a willingness to explore takes gastronomy further ahead. In my work I am happy to use exotic spices, new ingredients and technologies, an unconventional matching of flavours and wherever I travel in the world, I take joy in discovering the gastronomic specialities of the given culture.