Chef • Gastronomic Consultant

General Restaurant Consultancy Services

  • Evaluation of menus and dishes offered in terms of quality, presentation and service.
  • Assessment of essential personnel requirements in terms of numbers and professional knowledge. Assistance in staff training with special attention to the training of chefs in the application of new technologies.
  • Creation and updating of menus and wine lists.
  • Advice and assistance in the procurement of tableware, glassware and cutlery.


Technical Consulting for Professional Kitchens

  • Provision of training in the use of modern technologies.
  • Presenting the method of cooking at low temperatures and providing training in associated technologies.
  • Creation of Sous vide recepies of dishes on the menu together and rethinking the dishes presently made using traditional techniques.
  • Using a combination oven for cooking, slow-cooking, catering events and for providing faster service to groups.
  • Provision of training in how new technologies can assist in reducing service time and how the constancy in creating high quality dishes can be maintained by the kitchen at critical times.
  • Assessment of kitchen appliance lists in light of suitability for the preparation of all dishes on the menu.


 Private Personal Catering 

  • Development, implementation and supervision of gastronomic concepts for exclusive and larger scale events, galas, weddings, receptions in cooperation with reliable catering partners.
  • Cooking presentations for firms, professional coordination of mobile cooking shows.