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Colours and flavours


My cookbook, Colours and Flavours, was published in the autumn of 2010 by Boook Publishing House, in Hungarian only.
Some write a cookery book because they want to create a record of a certain period. My motivation was to create a book which takes the reader to the kitchen and makes them want to cook. All recipes in the book were intended to move readers' culinary imagination and motivate them to experiment, discover new colours, flavours, spices and ingredients. The 75 recipes included in the book have been inspired by widely available, fresh ingredients such as, for example, tomato, beetroot or pumpkin, through the use of which I wished to show how you can create a versitile, unconventional and interesting dish from a basic ingredient when combined with exciting spices or unusual cooking methods in everyday cooking.
The book was designed by David Barath, award-winning graphic artist, and the painings dividing the book into sections have been created by Aron Barath, artist, painter. I am proud that the book has won the Best Cookbook Award of the World Cookbook Award in Hungary.

255 x 185 mm
308 pp
300 colour illustrations

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