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Bátor tál


Healthy nutricious meals for the courageous!


The book includes more than 200 recipes of healthy meals for breakfast, dinner and special occassions, for all seasons. All dishes are simple and easy to make, small and big people in the family will enjoy preparing and eating them. The recipes are suitable for healthy children and adults as well as for families where a chronic illness, food allergy or diabetes makes everyday life harder. These meals can also just as easily be prepared in institutional catering as at home. The author is a paediatrician who believes not only in medicine but also in prevention and who has given a new life to the kitchen at Bátor Tábor (lit. Camp of Courage – the Seriousfun Camp) with the help of dedicated dietetic and catering experts. The kitchen supplies more than 700 campers a year with delicious and healthy food, campers who are recovering from serious illnesses and rebuilding themselves from the experiences gained at the camp. As the programmmes offered by the camp, and their therapeutic effect, are realised with the help of hundreds of volunteers each year, the seasonal menu lists have been donated by;Zsofia Mautner, Tunde Ugrai-Nagy and Victor Segal, while the printed product of artistic beauty has been brought to life by the Kieselbach Gallery. The book is illustrated by pictures of life instead of pictures of food, children's faces sending the message: “recovery is fun here...”

With purchasing each book You are contributing to the recovery camp experiences of children with chronic illnes such as tumors or leukemia.

Publishing: Bátor Tábor Alapítvány 

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