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Hungarian Cooking school step by step

The Magyar Konyha (Hungarian Cuisine) magazine is to start a new column dedicated to introducing basic cooking techniques used in Hungarian cuisine from basic principles through thickening to roasting meat, from kneading dough to spicing. How can traditional Hungarian dishes be prepared using up-to-date kitchen technology? Our soups, vegetable stews, one-course meals deserve to be in the world's gastronomy. Why is the basic stock so important, what can we use instead of thickening with...

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Simple chef!


Gastronomy trip-The Middle East

This is what you must try the next time you visit the Middle East. I have chosen a few of my favourite Middle Eastern dishes which I have tasted a few months ago in east and west Jerusalem. For those who have been there it is clear that these are two separate worlds, unfortunately not only culinarily speaking. (You can take a look at the photos by clicking at the bottom of the page) Photo No.1: Perhaphs the best eatery of the city since its opening in 1975. It's worth visiting not only...

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Bocuse d'Or 2013 – though the chef's eyes

The Hungarian team, headed by Tamas Szell, made it to the Bocuse d'Or, thought of as the Chefs' Olympics, for the first time this year. The idea of Bocuse d'Or came from Paul Bocuse in 1985 and it has been the most prestigious chef competition in the world ever since. At the competition chefs are given five hours and thirty five minutes to prepare two courses on 14 plates each (one fish and one meat dish) with three side dishes for each course. Teams are made up of a chef and a...



Recipes so that more of us can sit around the Dish of Courage!

At first glance it may seem surprising that I offer recipes for leek and fennel cream soup and pear cake with curry in a cookery book intended for children. I chose such dishes, however, to show that these healthy, exciting and, at the same time, easy-to-prepare dishes with their slighly unconvenional, interesing and new flavours are appreciated by children. Children will grow up with tastes and open-mindedness we offer to them. My daughters, Karen and Nori, and I spend a lot of time in the...



The Dish of Courage!

Why is the dish “courageous”, why is this cookery book unusual? The book includes more than 200 recipes of healthy meals for breakfast, dinner and special occassions, for all seasons. All dishes are simple and easy to make, small and big people in the family will enjoy preparing and eating them. The recipes are suitable for healthy children and adults as well as for families where a chronic illness, food allergy or diabetes makes everyday life harder. These meals can also just as...


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Triple duel in pictures


Tripe duel

with chefs Victor Segal & Bíró Lajos  The closing duel of the event seems a promising & exciting programme. Two chefs will cook a traditional tripe stew and then both of them will create their own version of the dish. Victor Segal will make tripe in Eastern fusion style, Lajos Bíró will present an Italian- inspired tripe carbonara. " En garde". Sunday, 10th June  19.15-20.00  Gourmet Festival (Milleneum Park, Miele Gastro Stage)  


The restaurant as theatre-interview by Eszéki Erzsébet

Victor Segal worked abroad for many years in elegant hotels and Michelin-star restaurants, from Israel to France, sometimes managing a staff of 120. The internationally acclaimed chef chose Raoul Dufy's painting for this interview. The original interview: Pesti Műsor   When I look at this painting, I feel like seeing a stage scene, there are even a pair of curtains creating a border. V.S. : Perhaps one of the reasons we feel like this is that the part which is not...


The Soldier, the philosopher & the chef

We are offering artistic-culinary "delicacies" at the performance of The Philosopher, on the second evening of the "Kettőspont" series on April 19th, at 19.00. This unique event approaches the scene from The Philosopher, put on stage by Katona József Theatre, from an unual angle, through different areas of art. It deals with the associated literature and music offering an enjoyable way to highlight the connection between art, literature and gastronomy in this special performance,...

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My intention was that should anyone taste the desssert they will realise that this Hungarian poppyseed bread and butter pudding which used to be accompanied by apricot jam, has now been enriched by many exciting tastes, in the true spirit of fusion. Its base is leavened dough with poppyseed, topped with vanilla-poppyseed mousse at room temperature. Then I rolled the whole composition in fried crumbs of pepper, poppyseed and cinnamon. Served with persinnamon sorbet and poppyseed ice cream....

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