Chef • Gastronomic Consultant

We are offering artistic-culinary "delicacies" at the performance of The Philosopher, on the second evening of the "Kettőspont" series on April 19th, at 19.00.

This unique event approaches the scene from The Philosopher, put on stage by Katona József Theatre, from an unual angle, through different areas of art. It deals with the associated literature and music offering an enjoyable way to highlight the connection between art, literature and gastronomy in this special performance, quite different to the normal repertoire.

Participeting guests include Mónika Debreczeni, the head of Vylyan Winery, Zoltán Egressy, writer and Victor Segal, chef.Music is 'served by' György Selmeczi, Erkel-prize composer and Dániel Szabó, jazz pianist, the evening is organised by Erzsébet Eszéki

The evening centres around a scene from The Philosopher, when men of respectable society dine around a table laden with fine food and drink, until someone disrupts the evening........

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