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FLAVOURS AND SHAPES                             

 I am pleased to inform you that my second cookbook was launched.

 I could not have imagined how much I would enjoy writing my first recipe book – the brainstorming, the photo shoots, the layout work and everything else. And to be honest, I was not expecting Színek és ízek (Colours and Flavours) to be such a roaring success. It was a huge – and very pleasant – surprise to discover so many people reading it, using it and referring to it, and I am still congratulated on it to this day.

 I was also delighted to hear feedback that – although it was not written for industry professionals – the book is also well thumbed by chefs and kitchen managers seeking fresh inspiration in their everyday work.

 It was the combination of these factors that pushed me to bring renewed energy to a new volume. I was driven by a new principle this time: dishes that not only make my favourite fusion cuisine accessible to a wider audience, but that also celebrate the true purpose of dining – the joy of spending time together. The individual chapters here were compiled such that each dish stands on its own, but with the primary intention that they work well in any combination to produce modern dishes brimming with surprising flavours and visual impact.

 Here too, my thinking was the same: I wanted to encourage people to allow their imagination free reign. Why not try new colours, flavours, spices, techniques, combinations and ingredients? Be brave, creative and experimental!

 I hope that, through these pages, I will be able to inspire you to prepare colourful and slightly unusual lunches and dinners from the simple, fresh ingredients you come across on a daily basis – for romantic dinners, family get-togethers, and larger groups of friends.


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